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Welcome to Street-Wise Durban!

There is another, painful reality covering the rainbow nation.Greetings to all of you, hope you are all well wherever you are. The issue of children living and begging on the street is a painful reality in South Africa and yes it is in Kwa-Zulu Natal. This is due to multiple reasons including poverty and HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Street-Wise Durban has impacted and made remarkable changes to some children on & of the street and their families for the past 17 years, we felt that we have not shared much of our success stories and programs with our supporters, friends and the community that we are serving. Therefore take a look on what our branch can and has offered to «children in need of care» and their families. This is the project that puts children first in all their doings and through the continuum of care services they provide.

Mrs. Busi Shabalala, Street-Wise National Director