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The boys happily recieved Christmas presents from «The Hub»Firstly on behalf of the organization I would like to extend a special thanks to all our donors who continued to support us in kind and financially both locally and internationally through the decades. I want to say it is through your commitment that we are able to rescue children from the street, rehabilitate them and finally reunite them with their families and communities where possible. The day to day running of our four phase programs is very demanding financially. As it has been noted in the season greeting passage that some children on/of the street are the product of HIV/AID. Therefore dealing with this giant disease is part and parcel of our every day work.

Therefore, I would request that you continue your valuable contribution in helping our organization to offer our children an alternative to the street life and support parents/caregivers at home who are dying of the mentioned giant disease.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Sr. Helena McKinney O.P., Street-Wise Fundraising Manager

Donors - Hall of Fame

The past year has not been an easy one. We appreciate the support of our donors. Their contribution has made it possible for our programmes to continue.

In behalf of the entire staff and their families, these boys say «THANK YOU!»We wish to thank:
Amos Trust
LMS Charity
KZN Welfare
Little Ways Association
Marianhill Monastry
Albaraca Bank
First National Bank
IBISA Cahritable
Missio Muenche
St Vincent DePaul
Dominican Sisters
The Lottery
Nedcor Bank.

Donation in Kind:
Simunye Cash and Carry
Chartsworth Center of Ministries
Ohlange C.& Carry
Goat King
Rattan & Rattan
Besta Mini Market
Church of Christ.

We also extend our appreciation to members of the public who make regular donations to Street-Wise.

We appreciate Tom Hewitt at Amos Trust with ongoing support and patience