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Asanda (left), Sfiso and Sithembiso at the Shelter in Marianhill.«Living here at Street-Wise is just a good thing, because while living here you learn how to respect adults, each other and yourself. If you live on the streets you don’t care about these things because no one has any respect for each other. I think it is good to live here because they help you to be strong. Now I’m not talking about having muscles, but about becoming a man, someone who can face his problems.

I can tell you my story.

I was about 10 years old when I left home. My mother had left me with my granny when I was 3 months old. The Street-Wise team found me this year (I’m 14 years old). Now I am happy and full of thanks for the staff here at Street-Wise. Thanks to them I can face any problem that comes before me. I like Street-Wise because they made me aware of the rights I have as a kid, the same as everybody else in South Africa.

As it is in the stars, as it is in the trees, even in the sky. We are the children of the universe.»

Asanda Jali (14)